The start of it all…..

Who knew when I got my first kitten things would have ended up as they have? I was about 6 years old and had gone to visit my brother and his wife (that’s a whole other story for another time) and a cat had had a litter of kittens around their house. I was allowed to take one home. Funny that all I really remember about the little thing was that it was solid black. My sister-in-law loved cats and now I tell her that she is to fault for leading me down this trail of cat craziness.

As a child I never had more than two cats at a time and they were never allowed in the house. My how things have changed! You all can attempt to keep count as we go along and see if you can figure out how many I have now – it is a closely guarded secret for fear that I truly be labeled the ‘crazy cat lady’ although I’m told I am exempt from this due to my marital status. God help my poor husband with his asthma and allergies – when he met me I had ONE cat.

So what is it that I do? I feed feral cats in the community, I trap, I rescue and care for sick and injured cats and kittens, I adopt (and sometimes even find homes other than my own for them), I answer the community hotline for the Feline Freedom Coalition and TRY to keep up with all my own furry children. From my daily activities come numerous tales – some heartwarming, some hysterical and some heartbreaking. The good outweighs the sad though and so I remain committed to helping the felines who come into my life.

As we go along, I will share a lot of stories ‘from the field’ as well as the adventures and misadventures in and around my own house. I have a pretty entertaining group if I do say so myself!  Who needs cable when you have XX cats?!!! (Yes, your first clue is that I am in double digits!)  I will also share some of the things I’ve learned about cats the last few years (thanks to Diane Straney and Feline Freedom) in the hopes that the knowledge of what you don’t always see right in front of you might spark a new-found cat passion in some of you too!!

Stay tuned and get ready to hear about the cat who thought he could fly!!